Monday, December 15, 2014

Outsource In Egypt with ISTnetworks

Outsource In Egypt with ISTnetworks 


"ISTnetworks and its project “Contact Plaza” which offers unique off-shoring and outsourcing ready to use superior facilities equipped with innovative plug and play technologies, Also Contact plaza encourages international organizations to utilize Egypt as are premium destination for off-shoring and outsourcing",

ISTnetworks is located in the heart of Maadi Contact Center Park, which comprises of around 40 buildings across a span of 75 acres of land that is exclusively dedicated to outsourcing contact center operations. The complex was established and overseen by the government-run Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) with the aim of developing Egypt’s outsourcing contact center industry.

Meanwhile, the luxury provided by this complex includes a well-thought through location and good platform for Contact Plaza to expand and develop. This is evidenced by our vision to add 10,000 Seats within the coming years. This benefit is also coupled with the fact that Maadi is considered one of Egypt’s most quiet and distinguished districts located in southern Cairo, overlooking the Nile River.

Contact Other features that make Maadi stand out as an ideal contact center location include: access to Maadi’s main roads leads to connection with other parts of Cairo and its suburbs, including good proximity to the Subway Station and other the public transportation routes.

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