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ISTnetworks Hoteling service

IST - Connecting Businesses

"ISTnetworks and its project “Contact Plaza” which offers unique off-shoring and outsourcing ready to use superior facilities equipped with innovative plug and play technologies, Also Contact plaza encourages international organizations to utilize Egypt as are premium destination for off-shoring and outsourcing",

Contact Plaza has been established in 2011 in Egypt, to facilitate and act as catalyst for the growth of the contact center industry in Egypt. Contact Plaza empowers both local and international players in the contact center industry through offering access to the latest best breed of technologies, office setup and facilities all ready and packaged in a flexible risk free rental model.

Contact Plaza targets to add 10,000 seats in three years to the Egyptian contact center industry, through luring hosted contact center operators, enterprises and service providers in establishing there operations in Egypt taking advantages of the availability of qualified and multilingual workforce, excellent infrastructure, strategic location and political stability.
Contact Plaza is situated in Maadi Call Center Park, positioned as Egypts hub for contact center outsouring with a capiacaity for 40,000 Seats, a cluster of 38 building best designed for contact center operation.
Contact Plaza offers technology services through partnership with IST, one of its founders, considered the leader in the contact center industry across the Middle East.

Contact Plaza offers:
1.       Immediate startup.
2.       Pay as you go model.
3.       Worldwide VOIP.
4.       Carrier grad infrastructure.
5.       Multi-tenancy with true data segregation.
6.       Easy access and proximity to subway station and public transportation routes.
7.       At the lowest cost per seat.

With the Technology

And Products 
IST has almost 10 years of systems integration experience building large and small complex contact centers


About ISTnetworks
IST - Connecting Businesses
The governing driver at IST is to empower our customers to deliver world-class customer services and satisfaction. This is the core motivator to all the work we undertake.

IST is a system integration and a Cisco Advance Technology Provider (ATP) for contact center solutions. IST has been established in Saudi Arabia in 2004, and since then has expanded and established offices in Australia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan and India.

We are proud to have deployed or operate over 40% of the contact center industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Worldwide, IST contact centers handle over 4 million calls per day which equates to approximately 120 million per month or 1.5+ billion interactions per year.

Today we have 150+ employees, with approximately 100+ engineers, developers, and technicians – an unparalleled figure in our industry. In fact, there are more than double Cisco contact center experts within IST compared to any of our competitors.

IST has been researching and building complex contact center solutions for almost 10 years. Our experience comes from within with continual new knowledge from staff who come from leading IT organizations and commercial companies which host large contact centers.Whilst many companies claim to be innovative, we at IST daily demonstrate our innovation through continual research and development of contact center technologies. Over the past 6 years alone we have developed over 8 major contact center applications to increase the profitability and efficiency of organizations we work with. And this is what drives us – continually developing new solutions that will make life easier for our clients and their customers.

Without long-term goals and investigations companies grow complacent and stale. IST is very aware of this potential trap and we are continually researching new technologies for our customers’ benefit. Our vision encompasses growth in terms of offices, employees and the technologies we can offer to improve customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Our aim is to grow and expand into new areas without losing the essence of our customer centric focus. Concentrating on this goal we will keep our identity and central motivation to be one of the top 10 contact center integrators worldwide.

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