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Stream line for call centers with ISTnetwork

The benefits of software streamlining for call centers

Do your customer service representatives have to switch out of applications in order to update
consumer files? Are you using an older system with green screen technology that doesn’t interface with
new applications? By unifying your software, you create interfaces that allow a single agent to support
simultaneous interactions and individualized service to each caller. Streamlining call center technology
will provide uniformed transitions for representatives and help to create a more efficient and productive
The typical contact center handles around 10,000  calls every day, an maintain an average of around 230
employees; that adds up to an averages of around 44 calls at about 11 minutes per call per customer service
representative who handles the many types of inquiries, complaints, payments and billing, scheduling, and
order taking and all their tangential issues. Turnover rates range around 20 to 25 percent. The challenge of
reducing those calls, call time, and employee turnover can be met through IST’s software suites.

IST and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise can streamline your contact center’s software to provide you with intelligent routing of your contacts to the most appropriate resource within your contact center
based on real-time conditions, such as agent skill and availability and queue length. We can reduce the steps
it takes to complete a call by reducing the number of screens and keystrokes that it takes to moderate your
CSR’s workflow into a more streamlined process.
This is not only helps eliminate human error, it is cost efficient, saves valuable time, and makes for happier customer service representatives, which lessens turnover and retraining costs.

Work force management focuses in on certain performance indicator metrics for the contact center’s
inbound operations including calls that are “one and done”, meaning that the call is resolved within that one
contact, how long calls take to handle, average wait time, information accuracy, how many callers abandon
to IVR system, and how many calls are brought to completion. Outbound performance metrics include
marketing and sales measurements regarding how many  calls the customer service representative can contact  within a certain amount of time, how many leads were generated, informational accuracy, hourly and daily sales targets. By streamlining your software capability, you hone in on your key performance indicator goals..

Through the iSuite, IST’s software options are easily integrated into your existing telephony structure,
customizing workflow, increasing customer satisfaction on every level of the contact center. The main goal of
your CRM is to give the customer an experience that is valuable to him. Your contact center is often that
first point of reference that a customer encounters.
By creating software applications that interface with your existing system and databases and integrating that data into your current CRM, accounts can be updated, orders taken, complaints logged, and service logged without switching screens into another application, which  creates a personal touch that generates trust, security,  and a satisfied clientele.

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