Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Call centers for the new millennium with ISTnetworks

Contact centers of the new millennium are corporate catalysts for change. They are the new norm of outsourcing, whether you need a few customer service representatives staffing a micro-center or a volume-driven center with 1500 reps operating individual workstations. Large or small, most of the over one million centers worldwide are set up to converge voice, data, and video communications within a common network infrastructure. Today’s contact centers employ business-to-business and business to consumer agents in email support, automated 
call handling and live web chat among the  traditional inbound, outbound, and order taking services.

Your contact center will either be focused on being informational process driven or sales volume driven or
a blend of both. Contact centers in the new millennium are also driven by global industry benchmarks that
provide standards for contact center best practices surrounding such areas as the new security code
storage requirements to outbound call recording disclosures to customer service representative quality
standards on such issues such as acceptable dead-air time and answer speed impact on client satisfaction.
IST provide cutting-edge technology and training in work force management that focus on process and
volume efficient, secure, and actionable resources that enable agents to ascertain the correct information 
quickly and respond to consumer requirements and  needs positively and authoritatively. Communication
between supervisors and agent on the front-end is succinct reducing error and consumer hang-ups.
Timely question response from call initiation to wrap up is key to keeping consumers on the line and to
establish trust in your contact center.

On the back-end, IST provide professional service teams and software developers that will create and implement interfaces that are multi-platform, open systems environment, and multi-vendor ready applications that are easily integrated into your existing IT and telephony or start-up systems. IST’s technology integration
services will enable you with voice access to multiple data sources to facilitate enhanced knowledge transfer,
in-house maintenance, and superior customer service are the hallmarks of a contact center’s functions and the  gateway of IST’s expertise in providing you with the  proven tools to build and maintain that purpose.

Twenty-first century technology has taken the  contact center from answering service to message
center to today’s multi-functional call center. It is a virtual environment where the old brick and mortar
presence has been replaced by a seamless integration of customer service on a global scale in an uncertain
world in uncertain economic times. Customers used to rely on face contact with a real person in order to
establish rapport and trust. Today, customer retention depends on building trust that information is secure and that needs are met promptly in the least amount of time.

Trust is built less on physical interaction and a smile as it is on superior customer service by someone that
the customer cannot see. That is the new contact center of the new millennium. That is why voice recognition 
and interactive response packages are so integral to the  world’s virtual way of doing business. IST provides
you with the tools and education to out-service your competition at operational savings.

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